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4 Dec 2010
This year's Citra Pariwara (annual Advertising Award) was held in Senayan City ballroom on the 8th floor. We arrived there in the afternoon for the soundcheck and the result was OK. Surprisingly, when we went onstage, the sound was more than we had expected and we delivered 2 songs: Ancestral Land and Crash. Eventhough the show started a tad bit late, a good time was had by all. Thanks to the Citra Pariwara committee for the opportunity for us to perform.

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25 Jan 2013
Montecristo on
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26 Dec 2012
Montecristo's New Song & Video Clip
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19 Nov 2012
Montecristo live interview on O-Channel
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7 Nov 2012
Performance at BBJ to be Televised
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8 Sep 2012
Montecristo at Progsphere 2012
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1 Jun 2012
Performance at Bentara Budaya Jakarta
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15 May 2012
Preparation for Bentara Budaya Jakarta
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6 May 2012
Silaturahmi Ikasatya Jabodetabek @ Marios Place, 05 May 2012
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25 Mar 2012
We Trust SuROCKarto @ RRI Surakarta, 24 March 2012
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