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1 Jun 2012
Performance at Bentara Budaya Jakarta
Montecristo's performance, collaborating with Sa'Unine Orchestra & Yockie Suryo Prayogo at Bentara Budaya Jakarta last Thursday evening, 31 May 2012, was a great accomplishment.

The band opened the show with the uptempo "About Us" followed by a greeting to the audience from Eric before he told a short story behind the next song, then we launched into a softer tune "Garden of Hope." After toning down the ambience, we raised the mood a little again with "Celebration of Birth."

Our MC LiLo then came upstage before we brought in Sa’Unine String Ensamble onstage. The ensemble team took left stage right behind where Rustam's spot. LiLo gave Eric a quick interview before we commenced the next two songs "Forbidden Song" and "Clean" with the 9-piece orchestra.

After song #5 ended, the spotlight focused on our piano/keyboard player, Fadhil did a 3-minute solo prior to the intro of our ballad "A Romance of Serendipity."

Almost one hour to the show and yet the crowd did not move out of their seats. At this moment, the band about to perform for the first time the longest tune of the night "In Touch With You." The first half of the song Eric and Fadhil took the spotlight, then the rest of the band joined in for the all-instrumental second half of the song.

The band took a small break when LiLo and Adib Hidayat (from Rolling Stone Indonesia) stepped onstage to interview the next collaborator/keyboardist Yockie Suryo Prayogo. Seno M Hardjo, the organizer of the show, also came onstage to say a few words thanking some of our partners from the media and some important people and friends in the audience. We also thanked mas Donny from DSS (Dons Sistem Suara) for contributing the killer sound system and lighting.

Yockie surrounded himself with keyboards on stage left, opposite Fadhil on the far right of the platform. Before the end of the gig, Montecristo performed the epic "Ancestral Land" and the heavier track "Crash" at full force with 2 keyboard players. The lighting and the old Rumah Kudus in the background added a nice atmosphere for the progressive composition. Quite a sight for a photographer.

Of all the hard work and practice schedules we went through, we hope we did justice to the Bentara Budaya (Kompas-Gramedia) performance. May the prog force be with us.

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