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10 Jan 2011
Chronicle of Montecristo in 2010

4th - Mastering session Day 1 for the debut album at Studios 301 in Sydney, Australia

5th - Mastering session Day 2 for the debut album at Studios 301 in Sydney, Australia

23rd - Band photoshoot at Praline Cafe in Kemang to be used for the CD booklet


26th - First taste of the band: the radio station Pro2 FM 105 plays our songs!

MARCH 2010

3rd - Montecristo Fanpage established

3rd - Talkshow @ Green Radio FM 89.2

APRIL 2010

1st - The band signs internal agreement in Gran Melia

MAY 2010

26th - The band signs distribution deal with local label Demajors

JUNE 2010

18th - Riza Novara joins Montecristo management

JULY 2010

14th - The album's regular version is available in CD stores all over Jakarta

23rd - The album's limited edition/booklet version is registered and available at The Library of Congress in Washington D.C.

23rd - The album's limited edition/booklet version is registered and available at The Cornell University Library in Ithaca, New York

25th - "Ancestral Land" video clip shooting at PropsHouse in Cibubur, East Jakarta


1st - Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine album review

5th - Official Montecristo website is launched

13th - Montecristo on MySpace

18th - Talkshow at Green Radio 89.2 FM

20th - "Ancestral Land" video clip launch in Kemang's Elbow Room

26th - A Montecristo article in local newspaper Koran Tempo, page A18

31st - The album "Celebration Of Birth" on


1st - A full-page advertisement in Rolling Stone September 2010 issue

4th - Talkshow with Andy Julias @ RPK FM

5th - "Ancestral Land" video clip uploaded to YouTube

13th - The booklet version/limited edition CD is available for purchase (mail order only)


1st - A Montecristo article written by Denny Sakrie in the Rolling Stone Indonesia October 2010 issue

10th - The band performs for the very first time at the 3-day Java Rockin Land Music Festival in Ancol

15th - Ad libs on KIS FM 95.1 throughout mid November 2010

23rd - Talkshow @ KIS FM 95.1 Rock Weekend

30th - The art design of the album receives 1st prize (Golden Trophy) for Graphic Design category of Pinasthika Advertising Festival in Yogyakarta (congratulations to Nicko!) & Eric is at the awarding night held in the historic Prambanan Temple


7th - The band takes part in the charity concert Solidarity of Rock (Part 2)

26th - The song "Garden Of Hope" serves as theme song for Merapi disaster footage
on ANTV's Super Family

27th - Second talkshow @ KIS FM 95.1 Rock Weekend


3rd - The band gets invited to perform at the advertising awarding night Citra Pariwara 2010 in Senayan City

4th - The band takes part in the progressive/classic rock event Rocklingers in Penjaringan

7th - The band takes part in the concert Konser Generasi Anti Korupsi in Depok

31st - The edited version (with RBT codes) of the video clip "Ancestral Land" debuts on MetroTV & shown everyday until January 9th the following year

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