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5 Dec 2010
MONTECRISTO headlined the event ROCKLINGERS (Rock Lintas Generasi) held by the Progressive & Classic Rock Indonesia (ProClaro) community. Eventhough most of us wer not familiar with the location of the venue, Museum VOC Galangan in Penjaringan, but quite a lot of people stopped by. Other than rock concerts, they had a bazaar, film & music discussion, mural activity, grafitti & live sketching, music clinic, and painting exhibition. MONTECRISTO did 3 songs: Celebration of Birth, Crash, About Us.

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8 Nov 2010
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1 Nov 2010
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31 Oct 2010
Charity Event for Wasior, Mentawai, Merapi
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27 Oct 2010
Pinasthika Advertising Festival 2010 in Yogyakarta
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25 Oct 2010
"Celebration of Birth" in Cornell University Library
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23 Oct 2010
KIS FM 95.1
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1 Oct 2010
Montecristo in Rolling Stone Magazine
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25 Sep 2010
Montecristo Live in JavaRockinLand 2010
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12 Sep 2010
Limited Edition CD
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