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Celebration Of Birth

The recording of the debut album took place between April and July 2009. All guitar, bass, and piano were tracked at our friend Koko's studio in Cilandak with Benny and Fadhil at the helm.
We sure had so much fun despite some grueling restless nights inside the smoke-filled studio.
On the other hand, recording shifts for the vocal and drums were engineered by Yuri, Pongky, and BomBom at Warna Studio in Gudang Peluru.

Our friends from IKJ lent their hands to record a mini-chamber at C-Pro studio in Manggarai, the same place we rehearsed and jammed. We demanded perfection, thus the song lyrics and compositions endured nonstop revisions.

1. Ancestral Land
2. About Us
3. A Romance of Serendipity
4. Garden of Hope
5. Celebration of Birth
6. In Touch With You
7. Crash
8. Forbidden Song
9. Clean

A Deep Sleep (2016)